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Moondog: The Viking Of Sixth Avenue (2xLP, 2004)

Honest Jon's Records HJRLP18

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Price: EUR 13.00

Gatefold cover.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Moondog, much like Sun Ra, was a notorious musical eccentric whose reputation almost certainly reached more ears than his music (the use of a Mr. Scruff remix in a commercial doesn't count). Also like Sun Ra, Moondog was a serious and idiosyncratic composer/musician who jumped from label to label and even resorted to self-releasing material back before there the D.I.Y. ethic was a movement ... Moondog is surely a major figure in avant-garde music, but it's some of the most listenable and even catchy avant-garde music you're likely to hear, and Viking of Sixth Avenue is probably the best place to start." (AllMusic)

"This wonderful anthology, packed with rare-as-hens'-teeth recordings, spans Moondog's output from '49 to '95 ... The world is a better place for his music, and if you haven't heard any of it yet, this rich and beautiful collection is the perfect place to start." (AllAboutJazz)

Moondog: The Viking Of Sixth Avenue

Moondog: The Viking Of Sixth Avenue