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Hanne Kolstø: Flashback (LP, 2012)

Karmakosmetix KKX028LP

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Price: EUR 13.00

Gatefold cover.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Flashback was populated with a new sound, an experiment where she delivered an album with ten songs where the sound was made up of everything from cold Casio synths and home-grown beats to acoustic guitars and layers of her harmonies. The release of that album led to her being described as one of the ‘Most interesting artists in Norwegian pop today." (Jazz Tangcay)

"Elegant experimentals from the outstanding indietronic artist of Hanne Kolstø.The fresh September 2012 longplayer of Flashback, released at Karmakosmetix Records label,is a brilliant combo of innocent, downtempo tunes and supercatchy looped danceable sessions. It's sweet and dramatic. Catch it." (Oslo Indie Office)

Hanne Kolstø: Flashback