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Various Artists: TF100 (2011, 2x10"+BOOK)

ToneFloat TF100

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Price: EUR 21.00

Deluxe 11×11inch 108-page hardback cloth-bound book with two 10-inches., still sealed. An illustrated 108-page history of Tonefloat records plus an exclusive full length double ten inch album, written and recorded by Dirk Serries, Theo Travis, Peter van Vliet, Moonswift, Steven Wilson, Sand Snowman and Maarten van der Vleuten.

Grading book: MINT/SS | Grading CDs: MINT/SS

"TF100 boasts a variety of rich contrasts. The Moonswift, Serries, van Vliet, and Wilson collaboration California Falling sounds like a shoegaze version of The Mamas and the Papas. Serries and van der Vleuten offer a beautiful piece titled Murmlefish, in which a distorted male voice moves in-and-out of sync with splashes of percussion and vibrating strings. On Trevail, Steven plays electric guitar with a Peter Green-like tone and the sort of articulate phrasing that he brought to Porcupine Tree’s The Oceans Have No Memory. Halfway through the instrumental, Theo’s looping flights of clarinet sound as elated as a bird during the first day of spring." (Stephen Humphries)

"Pretty much essential for anyone who has followed the label, but also worth looking into for the music alone." (Evening Of Light)

Various Artists: TF100

Various Artists: TF100