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Various Artists: Infernal Proteus (2002, 4xCD+BOOK)

The Ajna Offensive ISBN 0-9721820-0-4

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Price: EUR 18.00

Hardbound book with 4 CDs. CDs are still sealed inside the book. A 96 page hardback musical herbal with 4 CDs containing over 40 exclusive tracks by Ah Cama Sotz, Alio Die, Allerseelen, Alraune, Amber Asylum, Apoptose, Aube, Baradelan, Chaos As Shelter, Circe, Coleclough and Hill, Jason H Craban, Yannick Dauby, Endvra, Hekate, HU, Igor18, In Gowan Ring, Inade, Israfel In Necropolis, Kern and Van Pelt, Dave Knott, Lotus Eaters, Kawabata Makoto, Mania, Mnortham, Seth Nehil, Nerthiagh, Numinosum, Ô Paradis, rain, The Red King, Steve Roden, Troum, Ultra, Unto Ashes, Venereum Arvum, Waldteufel, Wolfskin & David Woodard."

Grading book: NM | Grading CDs: MINT/SS

"For anybody interested in the fringes of modern music this is an absolute must-have. Every genre is covered from minimal ambient and esoteric electronics, through more traditional (neo)folk and on to heavier avant-metal ... I can't recommend this highly enough." (ForeShadow)

"The music is highly varied and ranges from neo-folk to dark ambient and avantgarde. As the main theme each artist was asked to select a flower or plant which has a special meaning to him or her, and to compose a musical composition around it. This gives this compilation a big added value, because all of the material is exclusive!" (FunProx)

"A phenomenal 4-disc compilation of songs by various darkwave, neoclassical, neofolk, and otherwise industrial-adjacent artists." (Opium Hum)

Various Artists: Infernal Proteus

Various Artists: Infernal Proteus

Various Artists: Infernal Proteus