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Lightning Bolt: Hypermagic Mountain (2xLP, 2005)

Load Records LOAD 078

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Price: €34.00

Comes with folded printed insert, also NM.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Hypermagic Mountain totally destroyed me when I first heard it. There is truly no other band like this out there right now. The drummer is one of the best I've ever heard and the songs themselves have the same effect as being shot repeatedly with a rapidfire UZI sub-machine gun. Highly recommended." (Metal Storm)

"With just enough experimentation to hint at new and future directions, while seamlessly blending improvisation and smartly conceived songs, Hypermagic Mountain is Lightning Bolt's finest achievement to date. And for first time listeners, Lightning Bolt's fourth album will be one hell of a 'hello'." (PopMatters)

"Hypermagic Mountain is Lightning Bolt's fourth, most well-oiled album: song-by-song it chugs into rockier Van Halen, Fucking Champs, or Orthrelm territory ... The components establish LB as more rock, less noise-- though they've always treaded closer to that realm than to Merzbow or Whitehouse." (PitchFork)

Lightning Bolt: Hypermagic Mountain

Lightning Bolt: Hypermagic Mountain