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Motorpsycho: Child of the Future (LP, 2009)

Rune Grammofon RLP2088

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First edition on white vinyl. Die-cut sleeve. Includes 24"x24" double sided poster.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Child Of The Future consist of six trademark Motorpsycho high energy rockers recorded by Steve Albini in his Chicago studio and bearing the classic hallmarks of great riffs, that driving tractor bass and some truly inspired guitar work ... The main sleeve has two die-cuts and has print on the inside, there is a thick colour inner sleeve and there is an amazing 60x60 poster with colour print on both sides. And before we forget, the vinyl itself is 180g and glorious white. Simply a great package and a great way to celebrate 20 years as a band." (Rune Grammofon)

"For Turbonegro, stealing hooks has almost becoming their leading credit, so much that it’s just not fun anymore. Motorpsycho on the other hand, sound better then ever ... Since the inception of a permanent new drummer Kenneth Kapstad, from the oft criticized album of last year Little Lucid Moments, Motorpsycho have become rock musicality and maturity manifest." (Bad Sounds Magazine)

"The results make for a startling different kind of Motorpsycho record - unmistakably the band but the band having fun and experimenting – with an at times a live in the studio feel, certainly not done with any commercial intent and equally not the kind of thing you’d expect most established bands celebrating their 20th anniversary to even release. And therein lies the joy of this album – there’s a chilled vibe and freshness to proceedings, though that’s not to say that they don’t deliver some intense moments. This is a fast-moving, free-spirited, even succinct record ... Wow! What a way to turn 20! Happy birthday Motorpsycho – here’s to the next couple of decades!" (Terrascope)

Motorpsycho: Child of the Future