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Seven Impale: City Of The Sun (LP, 2014, ltd 300)

Karisma Records KAR083LP

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Price: €15.00

Limited to 300 copies.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Their sound, whilst being unique, is a fusion of elements and styles, which for me at least, evoke memories of some of the 'Classic' bands of the 'Golden Age' i.e. Colosseum, King Crimson, Audience, Van Der Graaf Generator and Soft Machine to name but a few ... This is a truly amazing album that will undoubtedly appeal to Prog Rock fans everywhere." (Prog Planet)

"With all the members coming from a wide range of disciplines including classical orchestra, big band, metal, jazz, rock and electronic music, they combined all their experiences and influences and refined them into a unique, mesmerizing and exciting sound. In the middle of that sound Frank Zappa and King Crimson meet Meshuggah and Tool, while mister Mike Patton 'bungles' it all together ... An amazing album!" (Background Magazine)

Seven Impale: City Of The Sun