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Haruko: Wild Geese (LP+CDr, 2009)

Bracken FERN 13

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Price: €25.00

Bringing together here the CDr and LP editions from Bracken Records (a precursor to Fruits de Mer Records). The CDr edition was sold separately, housed in an LP cover, so here you get 2 LP covers, 2 lyric booklets, one LP and one CDr. And an early ad flyer for Fruits de Mer Records! The cover is graded EX because of some lightly dented corners. The vinyl is graded EX because of a light mark to the surface on one track, probably from production. This has little affect on play, I have test-played this part.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: EX | Grading CDr: NM

"Throughout the 10 tracks on 'Wild Geese' you'll be treated to some beautifully crafted simple songs which leave their hooks in crippling the ability for any other song to get into your head ... Fans of early Cat Power will like this as it's not a million miles away from Chan Marshall's earlier more sparse recordings." (Norman Records/Phil)

"The album is shimmering with beauty." (Luna Kafe)

Haruko: Wild Geese