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Famlende Forsøk: Washing China (LP, 2015)

Prisma PRISMALP006

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Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Famlende Forsøk was formed in 1981 and came out of the scene around the cassette label SHiT Tapes from the Arendal area in the south of Norway. The original line-up stands today: the duo of Lumpy Davy and ChrispH creates the music and intergalactic poet Brt provides his vocals with highly idiosyncratic lyrics ... 'Washing China' is unmistakenly Famlende Forsøk - layers of acoustic and electronic instruments are carefully waved together creating rich atmospheric and bizarre music of great depth. Brt's lyrics are in Norwegian, but the album provides extended translations and footnotes in English, providing some guidance into the world of Famlende Forsøk for non-Norwegians." (SoundOhm)

Famlende Forsøk: Washing China