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Joy Division: Closer (LP, 1980)

Factory FACT∙XXV

Price: SOLD!

German 1980 pressing. The vinyl has some surface wear, but no deep scratches. Visually graded VG, but plays OK, at VG+ or so. The cover has a damage on front from a removed price tag and some light general wear. "PRS Hannover" stamped on back of cover. Comes with a printed inner.

Grading cover: VG | Grading vinyl: VG

"If Unknown Pleasures was Joy Division at their most obsessively, carefully focused, ten songs yet of a piece, Closer was the sprawl, the chaotic explosion that went every direction at once ... Rock, however defined, rarely seems and sounds so important, so vital, and so impossible to resist or ignore as here." (AllMusic)

Joy Division: Closer

Joy Division: Closer

Joy Division: Closer