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Bjørn Riis: A Storm Is Coming (LP, 2019, ltd 300)

Karisma Records KAR165LPC

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Price: €21.00

Limited to 300 copies, wih alternate cover art. Still sealed. The cover is graded VG+ because of dented corners.

Grading cover: VG+/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"The ridiculously skilled guitarist and songwriter Bjørn Riis (Airbag) is something akin to a prog rock genius as evidenced by this sprawling 51-minute gem of an album of his, which revolves around themes such as loss, emptiness, and human relations(hips) ... This is touching and heartfelt Norwegian prog at its finest and not to be missed if you are into bands and artists such as Airbag, Marillion, David Gilmour, Porcupine Tree, and Steven Wilson." (Eternal Terror)

"The music on this record is highly atmospheric and textured. It is mostly contemplative and introspective in pace, so the dark tones and highly personal feelings have time to ache and groan before our eyes (or ears, I guess) ... Bjørn has another winner on his hands here." (The Prog Mind)

Bjørn Riis: A Storm Is Coming

Bjørn Riis: A Storm Is Coming