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Lazy Smoke: Corridor Of Faces (LP, 1968/Re 2010)

Jackpot Records JPR7107

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Price: €15.00

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Drifting melodic Beatlesque psych. like if 'Rubber Soul' had all the 'Sgt. Pepper's...' studio tricks and Lennon handled all the vocals. backwards guitar, floating vocals, churchy organ, and haunting lyrics about romance and regret. The two surviving members released an album of newly recorded acidic folk in 1996 on the Pondicherry label, titled 'Pictures In The Smoke'. (Acid Archives)

"Legendary Beatles like psychedelia from Massachusetts. Haunting vocals, backwards guitar (and drums), feedback and various other studio trickery combine in a pot-pourri of inventive psych songwriting and musicianship." (Freak Emporium)

Lazy Smoke: Corridor Of Faces

Lazy Smoke: Corridor Of Faces

"Lazy Smoke - Corridor Of Faces is held in high regards as one of the rarest psych albums ever made. The sole offering recorded in Massachusettes in 1968, Lazy Smoke is a cohesive, solid, classic album in every sense. The first remarkable trait of Lazy Smoke's sound is the lead vocal's similarity to John Lennon ... calls to mind comparisons to Forever Changes era Love. Originally privately pressed in MA in an edition of only 500 copies in 1968." (Forced Exposure)