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Lassie Foundation: Pacifico (LP, 1999)

Grand Theft Autumn ‎GTA-012

Price: €16.00

Comes with a printed insert.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM

"The sole full-length release by Los Angeles' short-lived but wonderful Lassie Foundation, Pacifico was self-released in 1999 and reissued by Grand Theft Autumn in 2000. Pacifico is like Pet Sounds as reinterpreted by My Bloody Valentine. Yearning minor-key melodies and falsetto harmonies are mated with a wall-of-needles guitar style which overlays all the songs with a shoegazer-like miasma of fuzz and feedback ... Any Elephant 6 band would have killed to record this." (AllMusic)

Lassie Foundation: Pacifico