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Khazad Doom: Level 6 1/2 (LP, 1970/Re 2006, ltd 800)

Void Records VOID 43

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Comes with an insert.

Grading cover: NM | Grading vinyl: NM

"Authorized LP reissue of this 1970 private press album, flooded with gushing organ and Tolkien reverence. "800 pressed on black vinyl with bonus track and insert. Top 10 U.S. psychedelic rarity from Illinois. Just a few hundred of the original album were released. This reissue with the help of main KD dude Jack Eadon, reproduces the original cover and adds 1 song from their unreleased 2nd album." (Forced Exposure)

"Official vinyl reissue of legendary ultra rare underground psychedelic garage private press album. Original pressings command over 4 figures these days!" (Rockadrome)

Khazad Doom: Level 6 1/2

Khazad Doom: Level 6 1/2