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Kama Loka: S/T (LP, 2013, ltd 500)

Kommun 2 K2-22

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Price: €20.00

Limited to 500 copies, still sealed.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"This fusion of Danish and Swedish musicians recorded an album of progressive folkrock at the legendary Silence studio. Complex songwriting, sparkling Hammond organ, fuzz guitar leads and some creative use of traditional instruments (fiddle, flute, hurdy gurdy) makes this album a must-have. Featuring among others Aron from ARON, Anders Groen from BABY WOODROSE and Tobias Petterson from SKL." (Transubstans)

"The latest release on the Malmö, Sweden based label, Kommun2 is a sort of super group of folks who have recorded records for the label. This includes members from the Aron Band, SKL, Anders and others ... Cool stuff. The record comes in a super heavy sleeve with a beautiful artwork by the great Swedish painter, Peter Wallgren." (WritingAboutMusic)

Kama Loka: S/T