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Kaleidoscope: S/T (LP, 1969/Re 2011, ltd 500)

Shadoks Music SHAD 130LP

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Price: €60.00

Limited to 500 numbered copies, housed in a heavy sleeve with a poster and 4-page insert/poster. Still sealed! The cover is graded NM because of a very light dent to the upper right corner.

Grading cover: NM/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"The Mexican Kaleidoscope's sole, self-titled album is like many American '67-'68 psych-garage obscurities in its morose, frequently minor-keyed blend of ominous organ and fuzz guitars. Yet mucho eccentricity and spontaneity make it more interesting than many such relics. That organ really vibrates with a menace, sometimes like a distant cousin to the Doors, but with a more adolescent, untutored sensibility." (AllMusic)

"Kaleidoscope is often thought of as a Mexican band and they did gig a lot in Mexico City. In fact none of them came from Mexico. Frank Tirado and Orly Vazquez were borh from Puerto Rico, Pedrin Garcia originated from Spain and Rafael Cruz and Julio Arturo Fenrnandez were from the Dominican Republic. Their highly-regarded garage-psych album was recorded in 1967 in the Dominican Republic. Their manager took it to Mexico where it had a tiny release of just 200 promitional copies on the Orfeon label two years later. Thanks to its various reissue, you can hear thia alubm again in all its glory without taking out a second mortgage and you shouldn't be disappointed ... This is one ot the most sought-after psychedelic albums of all time and is highly recommended." (A Potpourri Of Melodies And Mayhem)

Kaleidoscope: S/T

Kaleidoscope: S/T