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Jelly Bean Bandits: S/T (LP, 1967/Re 2007, ltd 500)

Tapestry Records TPT 247

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Price: €17.00

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Some collectors refer to the album as a psych punk cult classic and I’d have to agree with them ... he Jelly Bean Bandits is one of those garage platters that’s definitely worth owning." (The Rising Storm)

"Tight and attentive, yet raunchy enough to win the approval of Pebbles and Nuggets groupies, the New York band executes their material with just the right balance of pop instincts and garage punk gusto ... Creative songwriting, synchronized with the band’s ability to know what to do with the tunes, not to mention an energy level registering on high, makes The Jelly Bean Bandits the classic album that it is." (Something Else Reviews)

Jelly Bean Bandits: S/T

Jelly Bean Bandits: S/T