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Michael James: Runaway World (LP, 1978/Re 2006)

World In Sound RFR-029

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Price: €25.00

New and unlayed. The cover is graded EX+ because of light dents to a couple of corners.

Grading cover: EX+/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"The spirit of the music is a tasty combination between aggressive fuzz-garage-hard rock and atmospheric psych-folk with moody vocals and a poetic message." (Rockadrome)

"An oddball, pro-sounding local late 1970s artifact that is not easily described; the recurring spoken Guatamala theme will have you puzzled, as may the mix of downer ballads, generic studio fill instrumentals and moody fuzz psych-rock with an occasional D R Hooker or Marcus slant. Good vocals, with guitars that may be too metal for some, but the echo-fx "Sleepers" pscyh trip and a closing atmospheric acid lullaby about death should appeal to anyone." (Acid Archives)

Michael James: Runaway World

Michael James: Runaway World