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Camper Van Beethoven: S/T (LP, 1987)

Rough Trade ROUGH 109

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Price: €9.00

The vinyl has some light hairlines to the surface that doesn't affect play much, strictly graded VG+.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: VG+

"This is the most convincing of the three very good albums they've dashed off in a year and a half--sixteen tracks, eclectic in a panfolkrock mode." (Robert Christgau)

"CVB's self-titled third album generally differs little from II & III, continuing the blend of wistfully weird lyrics, any number of musical touches from all over the map and good-time vibes ... early Pink Floyd gets the band treatment with an impressive, strong version of Interstellar Overdrive." (AllMusic)

Camper Van Beethoven: S/T

Camper Van Beethoven: S/T