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If: If (LP, 1970/Re 2007)

Akarma AK 386

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"One of the best groups to emerge in the wake of the 1969 jazz-rock explosion was a septet from England that called itself "If." Formed by two Melody Maker jazz poll winners, saxophonist Dick Morrissey and guitarist Terry Smith, If integrated jazz into its arrangements more seamlessly than did Blood, Sweat & Tears." (Jim Newsom)

"If were essentially regarded as Britain's answer to Chicago and maybe Blood Sweat & Tears, mixing rock, blues and jazz - but originally with the emphasis on jazz as they were a 7 piece band featuring organ, saxes, flute and drums, bass and lead guitar. The band toured with such diverse artists including Miles Davis, Cream, Traffic and Black Sabbath but never really hit the big time, apparently too jazzy for rock fans but a bit too rock for jazzers." (Prog Archives/Mystic Fred)

If: If

If: If