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Haymarket Square: Magic Lantern (LP, 1968/Re 2009)

Void Records VOID 52

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Price: EUR 12.00

Includes an insert.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: NM

"Haymarket Square formed in Chicago in the late 60s and created some of the most sought after psychedelic rock to come out of the Midwest. They recorded only one album, Magic Lantern, early in their career ... Their sound is reminiscent of other late 60s psychedelic rock groups like Jefferson Airplane and Hot Tuna. However, it's a bit more guitar heavy than their West Coast counter parts." (Turntable Lab)

"Our very first ‘album of the week’ rightfully goes to Chicago-based psychedelic rockers, Haymarket Square. Their debut, and as far as we know, only album Magic Lantern is a fuzzy psychedelic trip from start to finish ... The album is full to the brim with hypnotic drum solos, alongside fuzzy ‘Blue Cheer-esque’ guitar riffs, and of course Gloria Lambert’s dreamy and dynamic vocals which could be compared to those of Grace Slick or Pattie Santos. Magic Lantern doesn’t fail to disappoint." (Moof Mag)

"Haymarket Square was a Chicago psychedelic band who release only one album in 1968 and is notable for some catchy drumming, fuzzed-out guitar and Lambert’s powerful vocals. “Magic Lantern” is as fine a display of American late-‘60s albums by It’s a Beautiful Day and Jefferson Airplane." (JohnKat Smc5)

Haymarket Square: Magic Lantern

Haymarket Square: Magic Lantern