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Bruce Haack: The Electronic Record For Children (LP, 1969/Re 2012)

Mississippi/Change Records MRP-010

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Price: €15.00

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Bruce Haack made some of the weirdest, most zonked electronic pop known to man, but he didn't get enough credit for it at the time. His first records were coming out in the early '60s, and Moog music technology was just getting into the hands of musicians, so a lot of the pioneering tunes from that era were full of wild experimentation and sounds people were hearing for the very first time ... I was naturally stoked when I heard that Portland treasure trove Mississippi Records was going to release what might possibly be the weirdest Haack reissue yet: The Electronic Record for Children. That's right, it's for kids! I know it sounds strange, but considering Haack's playful nature and childish abandon, it's no wonder this one is such a gem." (The Stranger)

"Like The Way Out Record for Children, 1969's The Electronic Record for Children adds more freaked-out fun to the basic menu of electronic-based story and activity songs shared by all the Dimension 5 releases ... The Electronic Record for Children showcases the sparkling creativity, humor, and wonder of Haack and company." (AllMusic)

Bruce Haack: The Electronic Record For Children