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Fleurety: Min Tid Skal Komme (2xLP, 2008, ltd 600)

Aesthetic Death Records ADLP001

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Limited to 600 hand-numbered copies. Gatefold cover with photo insert. Contains a bonus LP with A Darker Shade Of Evil 7" and Black Snow Demo.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Fans of semi-progressive atmospheric black metal should take a listen here. I was reminded of a band like Agalloch more than one time during the album´s playing time so fans of that band should probably consider checking out this album as well. A highly recommendable album." (Prog Archives/UMUR)

"If you missed this record the first time around, absolutely pick this up. Black metal rarely gets this curious." (Aversion Online)

"Min Tid Skal Komme sees Fleurety succeed where so many others failed. Without having to resort to weirdness-for-its-own-sake, a circus aesthetic, or other such dadaistic gimmicks, the album offers a unique listening experience that somehow manages to be enlightening and confusing at the same time ... And, best of all, despite its respectable age of two decades, Min Tid Skal Komme could still blow your mind if it came out today." (Nine Circles)

Fleurety: Min Tid Skal Komme

Fleurety: Min Tid Skal Komme