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S.T. Mikael: Mind Of Fire (LP, 2007, ltd 500)

Subliminal Sounds XMLP SUB 22

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Price: EUR 9.00

Ltd. edition of 500 copies issued in gatefold sleeve. New and unplayed, the cover is graded EX because of a dent to the upper right corner.

Grading cover: EX/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"S.T. Mikael's reputation among Swedish bands with a bent for the psychedelic can be seen in the fact that Mind of Fire -- his first new album in a decade -- features various players from Dungen on it, among other acts." (AllMusic)

"Folk rocky melodic elements flow with waves of heavy fuzzphase leads, weird detached haunted vocal echoes over the band and the whole thing seems to teeter on the brink of psychedelic oblivion." (Subliminal Sounds)

S.T. Mikael: Mind Of Fire

S.T. Mikael: Mind Of Fire