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Djevel: Dødssanger (LP, 2011)

Aftermath Music Chapter 64

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Price: €37.00

Limited edition of 250 copies pressed on grey vinyl including printed 12" inlay and poster.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Technically speaking, Djevel music is very close to Taake's. There is the same style of riffage, which would combine (early) Satyricon’s majesty, bit of Kampfar and that Darkthrone'ish or Burzum'esque harshness with killer, epic and damn memorable melodies." (Metal Archives/dismember_marcin)

"For those who miss the cold, icy, and grim days of 90s black metal, prepare for some nostalgia! DJEVEL is a Norwegian band formed by members of KVELERTAK and NETTLECARRIER, both black metal bands as well. DJEVEL is very similar along the lines of bands like KHOLD, DARKTHRONE, and SATYRICON in the sense that they can be a tremolo-picking fury but also very rhythmic as well. ‘Dødssanger’ comes off as a strong debut album, full of harsh music with a few soft moments." (Reflections of Darkness)

Djevel: Dødssanger

Djevel: Dødssanger