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Fuchsia: S/T (LP+7", 1971/Re 2011, ltd 100)

Anazitisi Records: ARLP/S 70-44F

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Price: €67.00

Limited edition release of 100 copies on red (fuchsia) vinyl. Still sealed in Anazitisi Records' PVC protective outersleeve! This is an official, fully licenced, vinyl edition.  4-pages laminated insert with lyrics, photos and bio. With bonus 7".

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS 

"Official reissue for this obscurity of british progressive folk, licenced by Tony Durant. With an unusual and unique line-up -a male typical rock trio with a female classical strings trio- Fuchsia made this gem in the late 1971. Moving more on the rockier side of the 70's progressive scene than on its folk one, the band created a completely original sound with complex arrangements and "multi-rhythmic" patterns, excellent musicianship, charming melodies and lot of adventurous musical ideas. The extra single contains two tracks: "Ragtime Brahms" is an unreleased -on vinyl- recording from 1972 made by the original line-up and used as a demo for the band to secure a new recording deal (which never came real). "The waves" recorded in 2010 and it's the precursor of a new album which will be "out" soon by Tony Durant and the revamped Fuchsia band. This song really follows the spirit of 1971!!!" (Anazitisi)

Fuchsia: S/T

Fuchsia: S/T