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Os Mutantes: Jardim Elétrico (LP, 1971/Re 2009)

Polydor 2.451.002

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Price: EUR 18.00

180 gram Limited Edition Classic LP. Still sealed.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Jardim Elétrico does not have as much psychedelic influences as the other albums from that period. In fact, this album is quite a progger album: the nice arrangements by Rogério Duprat and the unusual instruments used, like flutes and percution, puts Jardim Elétrico closer to progressive rock than most would think." (Prog Archives/CCVP)

"First off, Top Top, is one of the most-deranged, perfect pop songs I’ve ever heard. Elements of disco, garage rock are European kitsch are undercut by fat bass, full-on vocals and one of the tighest, funkiest performances the band ever put to tape." (Sounds and Colours)

"A very enjoyable album that will almost certainly appeal to any fan of the group." (AllMusic)

Os Mutantes: Jardim Elétrico

Os Mutantes: Jardim Elétrico