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Ryanbanden: S/T (2xLP, 2012, ltd 100)

Crispin Glover Records RYAN2CGRCD017

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Price: €72.00

First press green transparent vinyl limited to 100 copies. Gatefold cover. Still sealed! With Bent Sæther from Motorpsycho.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Øyvind Ryan knows how to write catchy songs with catchy riffs, topped with honest, catchy, charming, AND funny lyrics. When I last moonth tried to describe "Dobbel bunn", I wrote '...lazy, laidback, pop-hearted rock'. This could be used as a general description of the album, but it's also raw, tip-toe tense, bouncy and aggressive. Or, dear I say passive-aggressive. What's true is that Ryanbanden is filled with charming songs, and one might cull names like Teenage Fanclub and Wilco as references. Of course along with the classics (from Ryan's record collection); The Beatles and The Stones, the Kinks and Small Faces, Big Star and the Only Ones ... Astonishing and indeed impressing." (Luna Kafé)

Ryanbanden: S/T

Ryanbanden: S/T