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John Frusciante: Pbx Funicular Intaglio Zone (LP, 2012)

Record Collection RCM-6361491

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Price: €17.00

Still sealed. This is the European pressing. Some very light marks to the backside of the cover caused by a light bend.

Grading cover: NM/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"This is not a guitar record anymore than a synth pop or funkified jam record. An artist like this must be on his own to explore new ground within the underground. He is a true visionary and pioneer of seminal lo-fi movements as well as top 40 singles and experiments in performance art. As he grows into the new Frank Zappa, fans may not understand this music. It’s sophisticated music, not intended to be understandable on the first listen." (Anti-Pitchfork)

"John Frusciante's album is an enjoyable electronic mess and I think his first proper steps into this genre of music are successful." (SputnikMusic)

John Frusciante: Pbx Funicular Intaglio Zone