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Amazing: In Transit (2xLP, 2018)

Partisan Records PTKF2152-1

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Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"In Transit is the fifth LP from elegant psych-rockers the Amazing out of Sweden. Self-produced and recorded at the same Stockholm studio as 2016's Ambulance, it follows in that album's footsteps with dreamy, heartfelt improvisations that might pass for low-key stadium anthems if they weren't so devoted to shimmer, echo, and beauty ... Altogether, it's an unhurried, immersive album, even relative to other records by the band, and continues a trajectory toward more lavish arrangements that stay afloat without losing sight of the ocean floor." (AllMusic)

"Swedish band The Amazing released one of the albums of the year in 2016’s Ambulance.  The follow-up, their fifth album overall sees them continuing with their very lush, languid guitar sound, right from the lengthy opener Pull.  With heavily reverbed guitar lines that melt into Christoffer Grunup’s soft, immersive vocals, it’s very representative of the album, and the band as a whole ... this is an album of lazy, summery strums to sink into for the weeks and months ahead." (No More Workhorse)

"In Transit, the newly released album by Swedish band, ‘The Amazing’ is a unique blend of shoegaze/dream-pop that at times diverts into the lush indie/folk vibes of bands like Belle and Sebastian or Sufjan Stevens." (Back Seat Mafia)

Amazing: In Transit