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Supersilent: 13 (2xLP, 2016)

Smalltown Supersound STS282LP

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Price: €25.00

Still sealed. Comes in a gatefold cover and includes a CD.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"From the opening electro-Cambodian court music ritual vibe on Supersilent 13, one readily grasps the wide-ranging possibilities that follow on this new release from Supersilent. Quite simply, this release is a mind-bending smorgasbord of everything from ambient drones to glitchy cantilevered oddities to techno/darkwave throwdowns, and it's all executed with a really solid and acute musicality that makes astute use of silence and texture ... It's wide open and intelligent, and comes highly recommended." (Exclaim)

"With 13 albums under their belt, the Norwegian experimentalists continue to haunt the dark, underexplored basements of electro-improvisational music." (PitchFork)

"Remaining committed to collective improvisation without preparation, Supersilent has excelled throughout its career at challenging essentialist notions of composition, process, and performance while leaving entry points in tact. 13 is no exception." (Tiny Mixtapes)

Supersilent: 13