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Christian Meaas Svendsen: Avin (LP, 2017)

Nakama Records NKM010LP

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Price: €15.00

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"There’s a heavy emotional weight that acts as a counterbalance to the lovely melodic persona of Avin.  The key component that secures both qualities is how Christian Meaas Svendsen slips between evocative, poignant expressions with a fluid grace that’s almost stunning for its subtle transformations ... The album’s title and the artist’s liner notes indicate this album is about love and his current relationship and all of the turbulence, uncertainty and joy that comes with it.  That assertion rings true from every note of this gorgeous album." (Bird Is The Worm)

"Apparently the resourceful Svendsen is also a thoughtful, romatic singer-songwriter, a kind of modern Nick Drake who is well-versed with contemporary and free-improvised music." (Salt Peanuts)

Christian Meaas Svendsen: Avin