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Pete Fine: On A Day Of Crystaline Thought (LP, 1974/Re 2000, ltd 450)

Shadoks Music 003

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Price: €92.00

High quality reissue with cover in black leather imitation with embossed lettering. This is nummer 3/450 and it's still sealed!

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"'On a Day of Crystalline Thought CD reissue Great early 70's psych guitar concept album with a little progressive touch to it. Only 100 original copies released in the 70s and now this is a very rare and sought after collectors piece. Beautiful vocals, great guitars, strings, horns, sound-effects, an amazing studio production. Pete Fine is a master on the electric and accoustic guitar. An electric Psychedelic Concerto." (Rockadrome)

"Totally different from his earlier band The Flow, Pete Fine changed direction completely after relocating to Arizona and the results were no less stunning. Classical and rock themes merge, as do electric and accoustic guitars, and male and female vocals. All the material was written by Fine. It's a difficult record to describe as nothing really sounds like it! ... The Shadoks reissue has better sound than any original I've heard." (Lost In Tyme)

Pete Fine: On A Day Of Crystaline Thought

Pete Fine: On A Day Of Crystaline Thought