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Peter Perrett: How The West Was Won (LP, 2017)

Domino WIGLP382

Price: €19.00

EU pressing, still sealed. The cover is graded EX due to some light bendmarks to the backside of the cover (close to the spine).

Grading cover: EX/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"That ex-Only Ones frontman Peter Perrett is making his big comeback play at 65 is surprising. That he’s now defiantly sober is even more surprising. That the record is this good is absolutely shocking." (Paste Magazine)

"It's a thrilling match of classic punk ballad style, brilliant singing, and evocative songwriting that proves Perrett is really back this time, fully invested and in total charge of his life and music for the first time in years. How the West Was Won is not only a great album, it's also the inspiring, and inspired, story of how Perrett won his own life back." (AllMusic)

Peter Perrett: How The West Was Won