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Ween: Pure Guava (LP, 1992/Re 2008)

Schnitzel Records SRLP1255210

Price: €20.00

This is the black vinyl reissue from 2009, not the coloured version from 2017. Still sealed.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Ween blesses the world with one of the most original sounding albums ever. It's far from accessible, but if you can appreciate the lo-fi weirdness, humor, and awkwardness of the album then the rest of their discography should be a walk in the park." (Sputnik Music)

"With Pure Guava, Ween moved away from the snippets of random craziness that defined their first two albums toward a more organized style. Considering Elektra released it, it's just as uncompromising as their previous work, but it hints at just how much further they could go with their music." (AllMusic)

Ween: Pure Guava

Ween: Pure Guava