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Los Plantronics: Organic Voodoo Soup (LP, 2011)

Jansen Plateproduksjon JANSEN 008

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Price: €36.00

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Well now, Organic Voodoo Soup certainly presents a really loud image of Los Plantronics. Intensity and really interesting blends of surf and Stax-Volt soul and spaghetti and more. Very adventurous." (Reverb Central)

"The Viking Mariachis from Oslo's Sixties Underground is one of the strongest party bands of the 21st century. That sounds cocky, but it's all right, as the mix of loosely swinging Las Vegas sounds, Mexican folklore, surfers' sounds, and simple rock'n'roll puts you in a good mood ... This is exactly the soundtrack to get to Vegas with a trunk full of colorful pills to clean the sun." (Ox Fanzine)

Los Plantronics: Organic Voodoo Soup

Los Plantronics: Organic Voodoo Soup