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Erik Honore: Heliographs (LP, 2014)

Hubro HUBROLP3556

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Price: €15.00

Comes in a gatefold cover, includes a CD.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Heliographs is unlike many contemporary jazz records, and to assign it to a particular genre is problematic. However, it shares the same values we find jazz: those of expression, beauty, and a story told through carefully chosen sonic moments. This is a rich and diverse album and a shining example of the range of musical possibilities open to us through the creative communion of improvisation." (London Jazz News)

"Heliographs is, like most of Honoré's collaborative work, largely subtle; it comes from the quiet and returns there. But his aesthetic vision contains direction, an implied inner sense and form. These 37 minutes go by all too quickly, leaving the listener desiring more." (AllMusic)

"With Heliographs - an album rooted in precedents like Brian Eno, David Sylvian and Jon Hassell, but which could not have occurred were it not for his ten years co-directing Punkt and participating in countless live remixes, both in Kristiansand and abroad - Honoré may have taken the long route to these paths far less travelled, but the end result is an album that eschews convention and utilizes sound as a driver that challenges the mind to keep up, even as it digs deeply at the heart and soul." (AllAboutJazz)

Erik Honore: Heliographs

Erik Honore: Heliographs