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Dark Times: Give (LP, 2014)

Sheep Chase SCR004LP

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"You’ll be starved to find a band whose ethic mimics America’s DIY punk scene in Oslo as closely as Dark Times ... The only criticism, as with many of even your favorite Black Flag album, is there’s only so much you can do with four chords. A slight monotony creeps in towards the last track. But I think what’s more important is, these well-produced eleven tracks convincingly rouse listeners into the spirit of album. And we all know should you ever get jaded with spirit, well— then you can call yourself a boring-ass, serious grown-up." (Bad Sounds Magazine)

Dark Times: Give

Dark Times: Give

"Dark Times have been attracting attention well outside of the punk scene in their native Norway - this, their debut LP, was nominated for indie record of the year last year in Spellemann, the "Norwegian Grammy" ...  the LP gives us non-Scandinavians a bigger taste of what they're about after a couple of EPs: eleven power-trio tracks with guitars that balance fuzzy and buzzsaw textures, saturating the sound." (Collective Zine)