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Electric Moon: Flaming Lake (2xLP, 2011/Re 2015, ltd 500)

Sulatron Records ST 1104

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Price: €23.00

LP 1 is blue, LP 2 is orange. Strictly live recording, no overdubs! Recorded by Sula Bassana 2nd July, 2011.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"This is an album that you can get totally lost in, with its jazz improvisations, droning cosmic repetition, trippy psychedelic languidity, and topographic angles. It is an album that soars and sweeps through your brain taking you on the sort of internal journey, creating and then taming inertias of the mind as each track builds and builds again and again. This is an album that is at times as heavy as any space rock you will hear." (BackSeatMafia)

Electric Moon: Flaming Lake