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Pekka Pohjola: 4xLP ltd 200

Svart Records SVR321+SVR322+SVR323+SVR324

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Pekka Pohjola's first four solo albums reissued by Svart Records on coloured vinyl, all limited to 200 copies, sold together here:

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Pekka Pohjola:

"Pohjola's musical output took influences from jazz, rock, folk music and even traditional hymns. The son of a prominent local choirmaster, he initially studied classical music at the Sibelius Academy (piano & violin) and he came close to winning the Finnish nationals on the latter instrument. But soon his interest veered to the electric bass, allegedly inspired by The Beatles. He began playing with the locally influential Eero, Jussi and The Boys, before moving in 1970 to the band which soon had the closest brush any Finnish group ever had with international success - Wigwam. Arguably involved with the most creative examples of this band's output, Tombstone Valentine and Fairyport, he left after just two years of intense touring in Scandinavia and Europe to pursue his own projects." (AllAboutJazz)

Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva:

"In many ways, this is Pohjola's most complex and ambitious album. It is not a success in every level, but it is a mightily fine effort from one of the pioneers of Finnish progressive music. Strongly recommended to anyone interested in the jazzy side of prog. For those who've heard Pohjola's compositions in Wigwam - if you liked those, I bet you'll love this one. I know I do." (ProgArchives/Jimbo)

Pekka Pohjola: Pihkasilmä Kaarnakorva


Harakka Bialoipokku:

"This Finnish born musician/composer could have become recognized as one of the all time greats in a parallel universe. In our currently reality, however, he is probably best known to us in the English speaking western world as a member of Mike Oldfield's 1978 touring band. To others he is known as the bass player in the Finnish Prog band Wigwam in the early 70s. For my own interests, it is his work as a solo artist which strikes me as his true claim to fame ... Anyone who is even remotely interested in the fusion of rock and jazz must check this out ... Any doubt that this guy is a master bassist just need to check out the places he is able to take the instrument during the solo. Very very impressive stuff." (ProgRockReviews)

Pekka Pohjola: Harakka Bialoipokku


Keesojen Lehto:

"This was as close to a "band record" as Pohjola had ever come thus far, with synthesizers and other keyboards the only means of orchestration. Oldfield's distinctive mega-compressed guitars crop up here and there, adding a decided Oldfield touch. Big sister Sally gets into the act as well, adding some airy wordless vocals to several tracks. Most of the rest of the band (keyboardist Wlodek Gulgowski, guitarist Georg Wadenius and drummer Vesa Aaltonen, specifically) are made up of members of the band Made In Sweden, with whom Pohjola was playing bass at the time. Gong's Pierre Moerlen also sits in on drums on a few tracks, making this truly an all-star supersession." (ProgArchives/ProgBear)

Pekka Pohjola: Keesojen Lehto



"At last, Pekka Pohjola had been allowed to give his imagination free-rein. This is Pohjola at his most creative and innovative. With no limits placed on what he could and couldn't do, this is an all-out production that totally achieves what it sets out to do ... In summation: an ambitious album that, for once, achieves its lofty goals, and in spectacular style to boot. It's albums like this that are the reason we listen to prog for in the first place. Absolute highest recommendation!" (ProgArchives/ProgBear)

Pekka Pohjola: Visitation

Pekka Pohjola: 4xLP ltd 200