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Morgan Delt: S/T (LP, 2014)

Trouble In Mind TIM064

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"It might seem like Mr. Delt was flash-frozen in 1967 while in the process of making his own version of "Strawberry Fields Forever" or "My White Bicycle," then only recently thawed out ... While the album sounds like a note-perfect take on psych pop from start to finish that was crafted by someone who owns at least a wall full of Nuggets, Pebbles, and Rubble compilations, it also benefits from Delt's knack for catchy songwriting ... this is timeless psychedelic music of the highest quality imaginable." (AllMusic)

"California native Morgan Delt is a homegrown musician whose debut evades convenient pigeonholing. The collection is a carefully built mosaic of jangly power pop, fuzzed out martian rock, and did-it-myself B-movie soundtracking that dissolves into a melted mess." (Pitchfork)

Morgan Delt: S/T