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Dr. Z: Three Parts To My Soul (LP, 1971/Re)

Akarma AK 244

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Price: €19.00

Reisse on Akarma with three-part fold-out die-cut cover. Still sealed.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"Only around 80 copies were reputedly sold of this keyboard dominated progressive album, making it one of the most difficult major label (Vertigo) releases to trace. It was, however, better than it's reputation would suggest ... The band were the musical vehicle of a North Wales professor called Keith Keyes. They were signed to Vertigo by Patrick Campbell-Lyons after he'd been sent a tape of Keyes' singing accompanied only by a piano. The lyrics are all written by professor Keyes, and his philosophical point of view is strongly reflected in the lyrics. Although this inevitably hanged heavy on the music, the careful approach applied to most of it saved a lot. The parts where the shadow side of the soul plays the cardinal role are full of real despair and get a convincing musical treatment. The sparse instrumentation, virtually without guitar, is skillfully used." (Tapestry of Delights)

Dr. Z: Three Parts To My Soul

Dr. Z: Three Parts To My Soul