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Dave Depper: The Ram Project (LP, 2011)

Jackpot Records JPR7110

Price: €8.00

A new item, the cover is graded EX because of some very light corner dents. The vinyl is graded EX because of some very light hairlines from production, does not affect play. Comes with a printed insert.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: EX

"Dave Depper is clever in that he makes classic tracks like 'Dear Boy', 'Too Many People' and 'Smile Away', brilliant pop songs with a gorgeous rock twist, fresh and less swathed in history. And these are wonderful songs ... The Ram Project deserves recognition for its listenability and execution, and the fact that he's done it alone is impressive." (The 405)

"Re-recording classic rock albums has been an indie staple stretching back to the ‘80s, when Pussy Galore did their own cassette-only spin on Exile on Main St. and Sonic Youth were long rumored to cover the White Album in its entirety, but Portland indie musician Dave Depper’s 2011 The Ram Project has more in common with Karl Wallinger’s alleged practice of re-recording the Beatles catalog: it’s a re-creation, not an interpretation ...  it’s just a hell of a lot of fun." (AllMusic)

Dave Depper: The Ram Project