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Dark: Dark Round The Edges (LP, 1972/Re 2013)

Machu Picchu, Ltd. PICCHU 2

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Price: €40.00

Official reissue wiht tip-on gatefold cover and an expanded version of the original booklet - 20 pages of lyrics and never before seen photos from the group's personal archives.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"This album is kind of like progressive westcoast style 1960's garage rock ... The songs start of as  mellow warm sounding cleartone garage flavoured progressive songs, until the guitarist stomps on his fuzz pedal  and a nuclear explosion of fuzz and heavy psychedelic monster heaviness takes command ... This album is a well honed and well rehearsed piece of premium quality heavy psychedelic rock with exellent musicianship equaling the big names like Zep, Sabs or Tull yet much more psychedelic." (HeavyPsychMan)

"A true, excellent rarity exists in the prog-influenced fuzz of Dark, a band from Northampton, UK, whose sole LP Round the Edges was privately released in an edition of 60 copies in 1972 ... One can certainly hear the influence of Cream, especially in Giles’ Jack Bruce-like pipes, as well as in the clipped choogle of “Maypole,” though in that instance murky fuzz-guitar and reductionist symphonic moves quickly emerge ... To be sure, other groups may have taken the formulas further or assembled a heavier, freer slab of psychedelic boogie, but concision and melody count for a lot in the lysergic world that Dark inhabited ... More than four decades after their lone LP was waxed, Round the Edges deserves to be visited anew." (Tiny Mix Tapes)

"Fantastic psych jam rock ... the playing is superb, perhaps the drummer most of all – and it isn't really hardrock, or bluesrock, but a classic jam outfit bred out of the late 1960s US westcoast style, almost jazzy in the playing, but never pretentious or showoffy." (Rockasteria)

Dark: Dark Round The Edges