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Darxtar: Aged To Perfection (LP, 2012)

Transubstans Records TRANSV10

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Price: €17.00

Darxtar are a Scandinavian progressive space rock band, heavily influenced by Hawkwind.

Grading cover: MINT/SS | Grading vinyl: MINT/SS

"The band have steadily matured with each new release these past 20+ years. They have a real flair for song structure and melody, and at the core this is a very accessible album. But the old Darxtar Space Rock explorers have never gone away. Ambience and atmosphere are key elements throughout, and I love the way guitar, violin and synths all take cooperative lead roles on nearly every track." (Aural Innovations)

"The album is crossing over the experimental, folk and avant-garde ... Sometimes it feels like Aged of Perfection is a try of uniting the heavy rock and laidback styled psychedelia, but however you turn, whatever this album is trying to do, it’s doing really good. What Mars Red Sky’s self-titled album from 2011 is for stoner rock, darXtar’s Aged to Perfection is for space rock. Highly recommendable!" (ProgSphere)

"K. Soren Bengtsson is a DJ but his unique mixture of beautiful tones and house elements were actually were able to surprise me. Even though he uses a lot of space effects (Which might sounds weird or nerdy to most of you), I must say that it makes the album even more special and great! ... "Aged To Perfection" is a work of art." (Metal Temple)

Darxtar: Aged To Perfection

Darxtar: Aged To Perfection