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Crystal Antlers: Tentacles (LP, 2009)

Touch And Go TG342

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Gatefold heavy duty cover.

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"Crystal Antlers are six sometime-chimneysweeps from Long Beach, California who make punk-ignited, psych-influenced, soul-fuelled garage rock ... the white-knuckle ride of Tentacles, Andrew's fried blues and the rainbow of styles in Your Spears see Crystal Antlers bucking the trend - not just rioting but inspiring, living up to their impressive promise." (The Guardian)

"An enormous amount of blog buzz championed their EP, and six months later, Crystal Antlers released their first full-length, Tentacles. Surprisingly, the debut largely lived up to all the surrounding hype ... With Victor Rodriguez's Farfisa organ front and center, neck and neck with Jonny Bell's wild howling, Crystal Antlers' prog tendencies become more evident, and their slanted arpeggio melodies seem even more skewed, making them difficult as ever to pin down, even if they are more refined." (AllMusic)

Crystal Antlers: Tentacles