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Monstrance: S/T (2xCD, 2007)

Ape House APE CD 017

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Price: EUR 26.00

Blue edition, comes in 2 1-CD jewel cases slid into a plastic printed cover. A limited number of copies bought from the Ape House website are autographed by Andy Partridge, Barry Andrews and Martyn Barker. This is one of them! New and unplayed, with just some minor wear to the plastic outer covers, the CDs are in pristine condition.

Grading cover: EX/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"Monstrance is the name given to a trio comprised of XTC's resident guitarist, songwriter, and figurehead Andy Partridge; Shriekback keyboardist (and way-back XTC member) Barry Andrews; and drummer Martyn Barker, also of Shriekback ... tick with it, give it a chance to take hold, really pay attention, open up, and as the music finds its way deep within your cranium you may just find yourself marveling at its nuanced shifts, inspired sound clashes, and ability to challenge its own makers at every turn." (AllMusic)

"The XTC leader finally fully liberates his love for Pharaoh Sanders and Albert Ayler on this 2xCD album, which also finds him reuniting with former bandmate and Shriekback co-founder Barry Andrews ... All the stretches of darkness have real depth, while at its calmer and more intimate moments, Monstrance evokes the stoic, spacey impressionism of ECM chamber jazz." (Pitchfork Magazine)

Monstrance: S/T