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Der Blutharsch: Fire Danger Season (4xCD leather pouch, 2002)


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Price: €26.00

Packaged in a leather pouch, four colors were available, this is the black leather version. Includes a textured fold-out poster.

Grading cover: NM/NEW | Grading vinyl: NM/NEW

"On the occasion of Der Blutharsch's 5th anniversary, WKN issued this four-CD-set packaged in a bag of brown leather designed for you to take with you in the field, if neccessary, I guess. Two of the CDs contain remixes and cover versions of past Der Blutharsch songs, the third one consists of all songs Albin Julius contributed exclusively to samplers over this period of years, and the fourth one is a band-logo-shaped CD which, as a special gift, gives us about 19 minutes of unreleased material ... Der Blutharsch-connoisseurs will be glad to realize that the unreleased material on CD #4 is more than forgettable snippets. Despite its shortness and the fact that there is no actual "hit" on this CD, it's a fine item that shows the rather experimental side of Der Blutharsch." (Heimdallr)

Der Blutharsch: Fire Danger Season