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Clientele: Strange Geometry (LP, 2005)

Pointy POINT017LP

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Price: €31.00

The original 2005 release. A bump to the upper left corner of the cover, and a very light one to the lower left corner. The vinyl is pristine! Comes with a printed inner cover.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: NM

"Rebounding after the ever-so-slightly samey feel of The Violet Hour, Strange Geometry reinvigorates the Clientele's literate, wistful indie pop with fresh doses of emotion, invention, and wit ... the Clientele have rarely sounded better. Despite a few sleepy moments on the album's second half, Strange Geometry has more flair and movement than Violet Hour, and perfects the band's ability to be uplifting and heartbreaking at the same time." (AllMusic)

"While all three of the band’s long-players (including the singles collection Suburban Light and its official debut long player, 2003’s The Violet Hour) are wonderful, this new disc shows the band more confidently playing to its strengths." (PopMatters)

"On the whole, Strange Geometry does a better job than The Violet Hour translating the Clientele's aesthetic, which lends itself easily to the single or EP, to the demands of a full-length record. One of today's most consistently wonderful bands has kept up its long winning streak." (PitchFork Magazine)

Clientele: Strange Geometry

Clientele: Strange Geometry