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Clientele: God Save The Clientele (LP, 2007)

Merge Records MRG297

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Price: €23.00

Some light wear to the corners of the cover. The vinyl is pristine! Comes with a printed inner cover.

Grading cover: EX | Grading vinyl: NM

"The Clientele's third full-length LP finds the band riding the wave of beauty and inspiration that made Strange Geometry one of the most impressive records of 2005 ... God Save the Clientele is another stroke of magic from a band that has few peers in delivering music that can make or break your heart with a vocal inflection, swath of strings, or gentle arpeggio, music that can devastate you in one breath and lift you to the heavens with the next. The Clientele are that good and this album ranks with their finest moments." (AllMusic)

"After two albums, various EPs, and the godlike singles collection Suburban Light, this London band inches away from articulating a rich and complex world informed by magical realism, memory, and the ache of nostalgia toward a new, brighter light, broadened in both sound and outlook." (PitchFork Magazine)

"Another lovely record to soak up." (TinyMixTapes)

"God Save the Clientele is a good, highly relaxing, example of 60's influenced Indie Pop." (Sputnik Music)

Clientele: God Save The Clientele

Clientele: God Save The Clientele